Find out how we work with College Station, Texas A&M, and the surrounding companies to bring postive change.

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Empowering people to have a positive affect on our community and being a responsible community member.  We are a Certified Green Restaurant (only one for miles) and part of our mission is education, clean/healthy/delicious food, sustainable practices, organic/chemical free products, and the importance of fresh when dealing with vitamins!

Education:  We offer free classes:  cooking, making items with essential oils to get rid of harmful chemicals, using organic for the most contaminated produce, education anyone who is interested in how to reduce harmful chemicals in your life, herb gardening and uses, and why organic matters!

Sourcing produce: We keep it fresh by using local producers and retailers like HEB and Farm Patch (always looking for others to support).

Maintaining a small carbon footprint: We use 100% biodegradable cups, lids, straws, napkins, and utensils. All trash and the pulp from juicing is compostable (BVR), we are very serious about the environment.

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