Our Product

Juices – Made to order with produce processed as close to production as possible ensuring maximum levels of nutrients and live enzymes.


Smoothies – Hand crafted, made to order using the freshest ingredients including homemade nut milk (only raw nuts & filtered water), organic add-ins, medjool dates, raw organic cacao, high quality organic protein powders. We use frozen fruit instead of ice.

Shots – Powerful boosts of super foods! Boost energy and immunity, increase endurance, eliminate fatigue, increase brain function, and reduce pain.



Food – Vegan/Vegetarian friendly – no dairy or meat. Freshly made dips, dressings, wraps, snacks, bowls/parfaits & salads. We use foods seasonally to ensure freshness. We offer gluten-free alternatives.


Cleanses – Our Basic Cleanse is 96 oz of freshly juiced produce. One 12 oz lemon/ginger/cayenne starter, Two 24 oz green juices, one 24 oz red juice and one 16 oz smoothie. The cleanse includes a detox tea, yerba matte, and a loyalty card with 8 punches.

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