Benefits of Detoxing

How to help your body Detox. #1 Hydrate with clean water & natural liquids. So clean water means not stored in plastic in a hot area, reverse osmosis is great (Jacob’s well) in a glass bottle (can order online) or good home water filter. Your body can’t get rid of toxins without adequate water….drink at least 64 oz or 1/2 your body weight…add lemon for more benefit.

How to Detox #2. Get enough fiber. Your colon needs regular cleansing, so eat your fiber! How? Whole natural foods, psyllium, chia seeds, flax seeds, legumes, fresh fruits/veggies, whole grains (not overly processed) and drink lots of clean water!

How to Detox #3? Flood your body with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes & fluids. How? An organic juice cleanse, freshly made, so you get the live enzymes. Organic is critical as everything is quickly absorbed including herbicide, pesticide & fungicide residue.

How to Detox #4 Help your body release toxins. This is most important if you have a lot of excess fat (toxins are stored in fat). How? Dry Brush before shower/bath (natural bristles, brush single strokes toward the heart), drink clean water, take a hot bath with Epsom salts, enjoy a sauna or steam bath. In essence, sloth it off, urinate or sweat it out! You can get a dry brush at Target, Brazos Wellness, HEB….

How to Detox #5? Avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, red meat, non-organic soy, corn, eggs, processed foods, white flour…try for simple whole foods, lightly cooked. Indulge in the listed items occasionally in smaller quantities. These foods create a highly acidic body making you prone to illness, disease, pain, fatigue, etc.

How to Detox #6? Fast...fasting has been used for centuries to rid the body of toxins, allow the body a rest (digestion takes a lot of energy), and heal. Many cultures fast for religious reasons, others fast when the seasons change, others fast when they have overdone it. A water fast is too extreme, you don’t get any nourishment. A juice fast with organic produce, locally grown produce, fresh herbs, roots, oils, can be beneficial. Modified fasts, mixing healing liquids (fresh organic juice, organic herbal tea – Tulsi, green, milk thistle, herbal tea, Rooibos tea) and slightly cooked fresh produce is helpful. Note-the first few days you might experience headaches, fatigue, and irritability as toxins are release -drink more water! Check with your doctor before fasting to be safe.

Benefits of Detoxing/fasting include rejuvenation, energy, clearer skin, anti-aging, weight loss, fewer allergies, better sleep, inspiration, better immunity. Why not try juice cleansing for part of a day, one day, a week…if you have questions,