Benefits of Matcha Tea (Green Tea Powder)

Matcha is green tea or more specifically, a powdered green tea, more concentrated than the tea leaf version.  For the last few weeks of the growing cycle, the tea is grown without direct sunlight.  This causes a tremendous increase in chlorophyll production, a great detoxifier (heavy metals, chemical toxins).  It is harvested & steamed quickly to prevent oxidation (retain color, prevent loss of antioxidants).  The leaves are dried & made into a powder.  Matcha has been consumed for centuries in the Asian culture but has found popularity in the West more recently due to claimed health benefits.  The benefits have been researched, with many substantiated (some with only animal studies, and some with limited number of studies).  However, overall research results are very promising and positive.

Catechins are the most potent and beneficial antioxidants. One called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) makes up 60% of the catechins in Matcha Tea. Out of all the antioxidants, EGCg is the most widely recognized for its cancer fighting properties.

Centuries ago & more recently, Samurai, drank Matcha Tea because of the tea’s energizing properties. While green tea naturally contains caffeine, the energy boost received from Matcha is due to its unique combination of nutrients. The increased endurance from a serving of Matcha Tea can last for hours and because of the of L-Theanine, Matcha you won’t experience the negative side-effects of other stimulants such as nervousness and hypertension. Drinking Matcha Tea has also been shown to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat when combined with exercise (up to 4x faster).  The antioxidants like catechins can reduce cellular damage and delay muscle fatigue.  Furthermore, green tea extract seems to benefit exercise performance,  one study found that 14 men who consumed green tea extract for four weeks increased their running distance by 10.9%

The catechins in Matcha Tea have been shown to have antibiotic properties which promote overall health. Additionally, just one serving of Matcha Tea provides substantial quantities of Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Protein, and Calcium.

Researchers aren’t entirely certain how Matcha Tea has a positive effect on cholesterol, however studies of different populations have shown that people who drink it on a regular basis have lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol while at the same time displaying higher levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.

The antioxidants, especially EGCG, have been shown to protect brain cells from oxidative stress.  This protection can help reduce brain damage that could lead to mental decline and brain diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  It’s also been shown to help memory by enhancing the connection between different parts of the brain.

Of all the drinks you can choose to consume, why not try something that tastes great and is clearly good for you.  You can also add matcha tea powder to smoothies, and juices. We have it available in packets so you can add it to your order or buy it and take it home.