Natural Benefits of Herbs, Seeds, Flowers

Hibiscus flowers have been used in their dried form to make and herbal tea that was used by healers for decades to control high blood pressure.  Recent studies have confirmed the efficacy of Hibiscus and has show it to work as well as some pharaceuticals.  The study consisted of 75 subjects ages 31-70 who took either a placebo, lisinopril (10 mg/day) or hibiscus (150 mg/day).  After four weeks the placebo group showed little change in  blood pressure, the drug and hibiscus both showed significant improvement with hibiscus doing more.

fenugreek-seeds-whole-1Fenugreek Seeds have been used in many countries to increase milk production in nursing mothers. Recent research, demonstrated those taking fenugreek while nursing had babies whose growth and health was greater than those not using fenugreek.  The mothers in the study took 7.5 grams 3x a day 2 hours after meals for 4 weeks. While there were no noticable differences in height, the other categories for growth exceeded those not using fenugreek.

pumpkinseedsPumpkin Seeds can help with benign prostte enlargement symptoms such as, feelings of urination urgency, reduce flow, trouble finishing, and frequent nighttime urination.  A re4cent study, the largest ever conducted with 1,431 subjects over age 50, participated in a year long study using 1000 mg/day of pumpkin seed oil.  The results after 1 year showed improvement in symptoms.

Tea Tree Oil a natural antiseptic can be used to treat acne.  Studies show that using the oil directly on the blemish  reduced the number and severity of the blemishes.  The study used commercial tea tree oil gel (200 mg) and applied a pea size amount to the affected area 2x a day.  Tea Tree oil can cause itching, peeling and dryness.  On a side note, you could mix the tea tree oil and cold pressed organic coconut oil and apply.  The coconut oil also has antiseptic properties and does not act as other oils do on acne.

Note:  Check with your doctor before using any natural substances, particularly if on prescribed medication as they can interact.   The author assumes no liability for readers actions in trying this information, please stop using or trying anything that has a negative reaction.

~ from Herb Quarterly Winter 2016