We are a certified Green Restaurant and have been since our inception 7 years ago.  We believe strongly that every thing you can do matters.  We hope our efforts will serve as an example to even larger organizations (University, Cities, Hospitals, Schools) who can make an even greater impact.  You can choose to eat at restaurants like ours by going to the GRA website and searching your area.

Our sustainability practices are healthier for you, the local economy and our planet. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • • Conserve energy
  • • Consider your carbon footprint (recycle, re-purpose, compost)

• Reduce use of Environmental Toxins (Styrofoam, chemical cleaningsolutions, fertilizers, weed killers, plastics)
• Make a long-term commitment to improve your carbon footprint(Green Restaurant Association)
• Share with the community (urban garden, classes for kids, cookingdemonstrations, speaker availability)
• Demonstrate by doing
• Form Partnerships (Howdy Farms CSA, university students and departments, local businesses

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