The Secret to Weight Loss & Great Health – The Lymphatic System

Who knew that a sluggish lymphatic system could result in fat storage (significant), toxic buildup in the cells, increased fatique, painful joints/muscles, and increased inflammation!  The truth is that your lymphatic systems is your body’s internal drainage system.  When it gets clogged or sluggish, your body can’t get rid of toxins/cellular waste/pollutants/chemicals.  Thus, toxins and waste accumulate in your cells damaging connective tissue (can you say cellulite & wrinkles).  A sluggish lymphatic system also doubles the amount of fat storage and growth of fat cells (recent Standford University Study).  Fat can’t go where it is needed to burn as fuel.  Plus, toxins that aren’t excreted, leak.  causing inflammation and creation of more fat cells to store the toxins.

What can we do?  Unblock the lymphatic system and help it function efficiently. How?

  • * Limit dairy
  • * Increase consumption of green vegetables (Kale, spinach, lettuce, herbs)…heals the lymph vessels
  • * Increase consumption of water rich vegetables & fruit (apples, oranges, celery, lemon/limes)
  • * Drink Hot lemon water first thing every morning… dialates the lymph vessels and stimulates the flow           All you need is 1/2 lemon (squeeze by hand) and 1 cup of hot water…let steep 5 minutes & drink.
  • * Add dry brushing as a habit.  Ideally, daily brushing before a shower or bath is a great idea so the              dead skin cells and toxins can exit. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and blood flow helping          to flush toxins.
  • * Consider a 3 day Fresh Juice cleanse – make sure there are plenty of greens, celery, beets, lemon             and other veggies in the juice.  Beets contain an antioxidant that supports the liver and lymphatic           system.
  • * Drink plenty of clean water daily, throughout the day (not all once or twice a day).
  • * Some research suggests that taking 600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid is also helpful to healing and                     maintaining the lymphatic system.
  • * Consider a lymphatic massage.  The Massage Therapist will massage your body with particular                 attention to the lymphatic system (nodes) and help move blockages through the body where they           can exit.
  • * Some say that jumping rope or bouncing on a small trampoline for 10 minutes/day helps activate the         lymphatic system, there isn’t a lot of research on this but it would be great cardio regardless:).
  • * Red Clover Tea is said to help metabolize the toxins to increase their exit (2-3 cups a day).

So if you want to reduce: fat storage, wrinkles, cellulite, bags under your eyes, inflammation, pain and increase hair thickness, energy levels, and have brighter eyes and smoother skin – be good to your Lymphatic System.