Consuming Green Produce Helps in So Many Ways!

 Benefits of Freshly Prepared Green Juice

March is all about Green!  We have great Green options in juice, smoothies, wraps and shots.  But why care about consuming greens?  Well, veggie juice is healthful, bioavailable, has digestive enzymes, and is alkalizing (helps offset the processed foods you are consuming).  It also has potassium, vitamin A, vitamin K, antioxidants, phytonutrients and naturally occurring minerals and folate. The enzymes found in fresh green juice helps your body digest the juice and make it bioavailable to your body quickly.  The soluble fiber found in juice, also helps cleanse your colon, very beneficial.

Green juice is also alkalizing, meaning it helps keep your body at the right PH balance, which is important if you are also consuming processed foods.  Our bodies today tend to be more acidic than balanced and this can make us more susceptible to disease and cause important minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium) to leech from your bones and organs to help balance excess acid.  Some research indicates we are more acidic in the morning, so try a fresh green juice to start the day.  All freshly made juice, boosts hydration, energy levels and nutrients but remember you want organic sources for most of the produce to ensure you are not ingesting harmful chemicals (see the EWG dirty Dozen).

Fresh juice is the most bioavailable way to get nutrients…very quickly absorbed in the body.  Unlike multivitamin tablets or capsules which are synthetic, green vegetable juices usually get absorbed within 15-20 minutes of intake.  So Fresh Juice is Best.  Beware of “green” juices that have been artificially colored or use mostly fruit or are made from concentrates.  Once you pasteurize a juice much of the real benefit is lost and must be artificially added back.

Try our Good Greens juice (my favorite) made with organic celery, kale, lime, apple and fresh basil.  I take mine over ice.   We also have great smoothies such as the Green Monkey.  Try our pesto wrap – made with fresh basil and vegan.