How to Stop a Cold Naturally!

is great for knocking out the norovirus…it can also help get rid of listeria and salmonella (use in marinades and sauces).  Simple ways to add this herb to your diet include:  1) steeping it in your tea (add a 1-2 inch sprig of fresh rosemary when you add the tea bag). 2) stuff the bird (add one branch to the inside cavity of a chicken and bake – I put  balsamic vinegar on the skin side)  3) add fresh cut rosemary leaves to your marinades – just pressed the leaves in the marinade to release the oils  4)  Rosemary roasted potatoes  – cut up potatoes, toss with fresh chopped rosemary and EVOO.

Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) – this has been used as a folk remedy for ages.  It breaks down fat, gets rid of toxins, lowers blood sugar, and added to water creates and alkaline drink that helps kill bacteria, & cold/flu viruses.  How to get this into your diet: 1)  add 1-1 ratio to EVOO for a salad dressing 2) add 2 T to water and drink daily 3) add 1-2 T to your smoothie or juice.

 Garlic – is proven to have antibiotic properties, how to get more in your diet:  1) bruschetta – slice baguette, put in oven until lightly brown, scrap a peeled garlic clove over the bread and then add your favorite topping (tomatoes, EVVO, Oregano, S&P) 2) freshly squeeze into EVOO, heat over low-moderate flame until soften, add sliced mushrooms, S&P – top bruschetta, add to tomato sauce) – bake garlic for a more mild flavor.

Flu ShotFlu Shot (Juice Joint style) – lemon, ginger, cayenne &  water – come by for a 2 oz flu shot at the first sign of illness and then do this for three-four days, stay hydrated all day long and try to eat fresh veggies, soups with bone broth.

Lavender – antifungal, antiseptic and antimicrobial is even effective against antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Just add a few drops to your bath, infuser or to your lotion and apply to skin.