We serve Davidson’s Organic Tulsi Tea

After researching many tea companies, I decided on Davidson’s Teas for several reasons:

  1.  1. Their philosophy – “committed to sourcing healthy ingredients grown by generations of skill small farmers…engaging in sustainable practices….we are the first exclusively organic tea purveyor…we honor mind and body…we provide the purest organic tea direct from the farm to your cup”
  2. 2.  Organic tea is important as tea is not washed so residues of herbicides/pesticides remain
  3. 3.  They grow, import, blend, & package the tea….so they really do control the quality of the tea.
  4. 4.  Their reputation – featured in the following publications:  Gourmet, Fresh Cup, RealSimple,  Nevada, Organic Spa, Fancy Food
  5. 5.  Tulsi tea or holy basil tea has many additional benefits to your mind and body.  For more information see their website:  http://www.davidsonstea.com/tulsi-tea.aspx