Why Fresh, Organic Food/Drinks Cost More


At the Northgate Juice Joint we use organic produce for everything listed on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) dirty dozen (most pesticide/herbicide residue) and we don’t use chemicals or artificial fillers to extend the shelf life of our products.  For example, our cashew milk is made with organic cashews and filtered water only! Thus, we make everything to order and/or in small batches and we pay 3-4x more for organic produce and products.

Why pay the extra money?  Two reasons: 1) Chemicals in your food either from pesticides, herbicides or additives/fillers do create health problems, particularly for the young, old, those with chronic illnesses and women (hormone disrupters).  While many of these health issues have been reported for a number of years, the industries who produce and sell the chemical ridden produce and products spend a great deal of money to deny this (marketing).  They also spend a great deal of time and money lobbying your representatives.  While there are studies to confirm that organic produce provides more vitamins & minerals, few if any studies on organic versus conventional produce are conducted unless paid for by companies trying to discredit the benefits.  Common sense should tell us that healthy live soils (organic) will produce more vitamins and minerals in our produce than those repeatedly pumped with fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides and not rotated.

Those on medication for chronic illnesses,  you are already at a disadvantage as many medications interfere with a healthy gut profile and limit the vitamin absorption in your body.  You can definitly benefit from organic produce (more vitamins/minerals, no harmful chemicals that counteract with your medications).  Want less sugar (even natural sugars from apples, carrots and such), we have green juices just for you.

Those caring for youngsters, be aware that most of the fruit or juices your children love are on the EWGs dirty dozen list (containing many chemicals and sprayed in soils and on blossoms so chemicals can’t be peeled off).  For example,  strawberries moved to number one this year because of the severity of the chemical sprayed on the soil (bad for strawberry consumers and those living nearby). See EWGs website form more specifics.  Apples have been on the list for 10+ years.  Also on the list, grapes, tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers, leafy greens, nectarines, pears, celery, sweet peppers and potatoes. 

Women, we need to be particularly careful due to the hormone disruptors in our food, fragrances, toiletries, cleaning materials, laundry soap, dryer sheets, plastics, etc.  The endocrynologists have been concerned about the chemicals that disrupt hormones for over 15 years now.  Not just the chemicals in use but the vast number of different chemicals in use.  Not only do we not know the full extent of harm each chemical causes, we have no idea how the combined effect harms us.  Some believe the increasing instances of breast and cervical cancer could be due to the bombardment of these harmful chemicals.

What can we do about all of this!  Consume organic produce whenever possible.  Request organic food at restaurants you frequent.  Write your representatives about what is allowed in our food (sign up with the EWG and they will forward information when things are presented to congress).  Grow your own food without harmful chemicals/fertilizers.  You can easily grow herbs, veggies and fruit in containers on your balcony or porch (watch for classes on how to do this – like us on facebook and look at our website calendar).  Read the ingredients on cosmetics, shampoos, etc. EWG has a list of chemicals to avoid always.  Make your own shampoos, soaps, very easily or buy them in the health food section (we have classes on this too). Don’t use Roundup, ever.  It is harmful and it lasts forever. Don’t use or consume anything in plastic if possible (never consume anything heated in plastc).  Buy aluminum bottles (see WalMart, Tuesay Morning) and buy water in glass if at all possible. Buy a water filter or water filter pitcher.Get your vitamins and minerals the natural way versus supplements whenever possible.  The supplement industry is not regulated and you often don’t get what you pay for and/or your body doesn’t absorb the vitamins/minerals.

If your office or group would like to schedule a time for me (Lisa Bradway) to speak about these or other issues you can reach me at lbsicily@hotmail.com.